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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Secret Life of Camrose: City of Whispers

  An innocent "purple martin house'? Think again......

The mysterious Founders Hall on the Augustana University campus


           Rituals occur here

           Shhh! Blood bath!

A change in the weather

Rumour has it that victims are buried under the front porch of this home.

Speculation persists that children are buried beneath these leaves.

         And under this old tree

                  Don't be lulled into complacency

   There are signs


Body parts are found, mangled, in appliances throughout the Camrose region. Nobody says too much about it.

                      Lumpen, grotesque scarecrows await helpless, elderly and infirm victims.

Any attempt at escape is futile.

The festive atmosphere is a cover-up.

       Not Just Hats

  Look away!



The Bailey Theatre, where hideously malformed children watch matinees


The crematorium and its broadcasting equipment

   Industrial ventilation? Or poison gas dispersal units?

Ken works here, late at night

Ken builds coffins for the burgeoning memorial home service industry in Camrose

Climate Master

Blood has been seen pouring from this building, late at night.

   Killer microwaves emanate from this tower.

Organs and other body parts are disposed of in this receptacle

This chair is used during limb removal ceremonies during the annual Vital Organ Festival


The mangled bodies of hideously malformed children and gnarled, twisted old people are buried under these trees. 

      Early in the morning, ghosts prune these cedars.



Many decapitations have taken place in this chair

The sleepy little city of Camrose refuses to reveal the gruesome past : A history which its citizens dare not speak of, except in barely audible whispers. Acts and events which instill profound trauma and fear.
Here, secrets go, with the townspeople, to the grave.

October 31, 2014

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