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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Cycle Ends

This coming week, I move out of the studio that I've occupied since the beginning of November 2010.

My stint as Artist in Residence at Harcourt House is winding down. My exhibition, PileDriver, showing alongside Stacey Cann's presentation, Personal Matter, reflects the range of directions that I've taken during the past 12 months. The forecast is good for a continuation of the subject matter that I'm working with. Breaking away from expected, empirical depictions of waste disposal practices, land, water and atmosphere appears to have been key; the crowbar needed to pry me away from hitherto pedestrian notions of what the paintings should look like. Creative liberation can be a gradual thing, it turns out.
I'll miss the community at Harcourt House Arts Centre. Not quite like an extended family, but I knew when I trundled down the corridor in the annex, or trotted up the stairs to the galleries in the main building, that I'd be running into other artists, engaging in dialogues that might be random, absurd or meaningful. I am grateful and proud to have served as HH's A.I.R. It was an honour that I took seriously! The baton is passed to Sydney Lancaster, whose talent, energy and forthright manner will positively effect all those artists and art enthusiasts that she'll come in contact with. She's already immersed in Edmonton's arts milieu, having been Administrative Officer and Development Officer - from 2007-2010  - and now volunteering at Latitude 53, another of this city's esteemed artist run spaces. Have fun with it, Sydney! Represent!


                                             Views of the Harcourt House
                                             annex studio after I first moved in:

                                          The floor

                                           Artworks by:
                                           Jack Niven
                                           Peter von Tiesenhausen
                                           Angela Inglis

                                           Fresh gesso!


Next posts will feature art that I have (recently) found stimulating, profound, sublime, epic, or having all of those qualities. Installation shots of PileDriver will be posted soon, as well.