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Saturday, November 29, 2014


Expressways is a working title for a series of digital collages. These collaborative 'mash-ups', based on magazine and online advertisements for automobiles - with the cars removed - came about almost accidentally. The original source was a file folder with blurred jpgs and scans of roadscapes, from which I derived imagery, intermittently, for an ongoing cycle of paintings. The paintings addressed speed, travel, the landscape, as experienced by drivers or passengers, and consumer culture in the automotive age.
Intrigued by the altered photographs, I emailed a number of these 'emptied out' car ads to my friend, Jack Niven, an artist active in New Orleans. Niven digitally filled the rectangular voids in the pictures with.....peas, frog eggs, the Huey P. Long Bridge, lumber - anything that struck him as compelling or absurd. A flurry of enthusiastic correspondence followed, resulting in a project that could be published as 'hard copy'; A mock up of salesroom floor marketing in the style of automotive print advertising.

Here are examples of the 'gutted' pictures before being manipulated:

                                          Here are examples of  J. Niven's alterations:


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