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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Three Months Have Drifted By

It has been a fast 90 or so days since my occupation of Harcourt House's studio annex began in early November. I am honoured to have been selected as their 9th Artist in Residence and am well on my way to amassing more semi-completed artworks than I know what to do with! Self-discipline, in its various forms, was put to the test during January, when Edmonton was buried in more snow than it has seen, accumulated, since 1971. That, combined with big swings in temperature, has made it difficult to get around. So I've spent less time at the studio than I desire to. Much catching up to do now. Larger canvases need to be 'massed in' and studies need to be either tossed out or pinned up. I'm getting to know the other denizens of Harcourt House and I'm finding that they're very positive, helpful, good-natured and busy! The community at HH exudes warmth in the midst of this epic winter. As I make entries into this fledgling weblog, I'll include jpgs of paintings etc, works in progress, shots of the studio, oddball creations and so forth.
I'm all about pictures so....less text, more images. Onward.