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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Victoria School of the Arts: Fine Arts Master Class Guest Artist Residency 2013



Gilt Trip


During the final two weeks of May 2013, I had the honour of being Victoria School's guest artist in residence. A 'master class' of outstanding visual art students joined me in a couple of easy to understand projects: A crash course on painting with oils on old LPs - the 15 or so teens took to it like ducks to water - as well as a more intense exploration of covering 'heritage' objects' with metal leaf. A variety of things were 'gilded': Old stage lamps, satellite dishes, an antique desk, a music stand, telephones, doorknobs and a rack of moose antlers. The projects were very successful. The students were happily engaged in the collective activity. The teachers that I had the privilege of working with were resourceful and fun!~

I always wanted to return to high school. I hope that I'm called back in 2014.

Below are some examples; photos taken 'in progress' of a few of the items 'leafed'. Selected pieces will be installed throughout  the school, in suitable sites, as 'wayfinders'. The project was dubbed "Gilt Trip".







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