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Monday, August 22, 2011

Polychromatic Eyegasm: Recent Paintings by Susan Ross

 Crane and Nanabush  2009   oil on canvas   18 x 24"

Susan Ross was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario. She attended The Alberta College of Art and Design between 1979 and 1983, majoring in painting. Her art production had slowed down in the closing years of the late 20th Century but has recently been 'ramping up'. After creating a series of landscapes that fall somewhere between Fauvist and Tom Thomsonesque sensiblities, Ross embarked on a cycle of work employing imagery derived from petroglyphs that she had researched during a visit to Woodview, near Peterborough, Ontario. These sacred and mysterious rock drawings take on new meaning(s) when filtered through Ross's aesthetic scope. Riotous skeins of dizzying hallucinatory colour coalesce with retina-burning intensity in this group of paintings; pictures that could induce the very visions that inspired them.

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  Geometric Trance  2011  oil on canvas   36 x 30

  Kitchi-Manitou    2009     oil on canvas      48 x 36

 Shaman Vessels   2010    oil on canvas  40 x 30

 Shaman's Gallery (tryptich)    2010    oil on canvas  30 x 120

 Shaman's Gallery  Part I     2010   

 Shaman's Gallery   Part II   2010

 Shaman's Gallery  Part III    2010

 Solar Boats    2009   oil on canvas   48 x 36       

 Soul Boat   2010    oil on canvas   30 x 30

 Woman and Double Snake    2010      oil on canvas  36 x 48

 Cumash Cosomology   2011    oil on canvas  30 x 36

Agawa Rock    2009    oil on canvas     40 x 60

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